The Best of 2017: The 1930s

The Best of 2017The 1930s

Like the silent films in yesterday’s post, movies from the 1930s remain something of a blindspot for me. As you’ll notice from this list, most of these films are horror-based. (Those that are more noir-stained will be included in my film noir list.) I hope to see more 1930s films in 2018 and not just horror. But for 2017, these were the best films I saw from the 30s, all for the first time.

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Noirvember 2017 Has Begun!


Ah, it’s finally here… Deception and betrayal are in the air, shadows lengthen and encroach into your dwellings (hopefully through venetian blinds), you begin talking like a tough guy and maybe even go out and buy a fedora. Mostly you watch great film noir and share those experiences with your friends. That’s what I’m here to do.

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