Working Through Lists


As you probably know from my Best of the Year posts, I love making lists. I also love trying to work through them, especially movie lists. I’m currently working on two long-term movie-watching projects based on lists: Roger Ebert’s Great Movies and Michael F. Keaney’s Film Noir Guide: 745 Films of the Classic Era, 1940-1959. I’m working through other lists as well, titles I’ve picked up here and there from other books and websites, but these are the main two lists I’m targeting right now.

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Life Itself (NF 2014) Steve James


Life Itself (NF 2014) Steve James
Magnolia Pictures Blu-ray

Many people may not know that Roger Ebert had been working as a journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times for five months before he was told he had just been appointed the paper’s new film critic. I’m not sure that’s a position he would’ve necessarily sought out, but that new role changed his life and ultimately took him to places he’d probably never imagined. Life Itself is obviously about Ebert’s life, but it’s also tangentially about the wonder of life and how – when it’s near its end – we can look back on it in utter amazement.

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