The Orangerful Project: ST:TNG – S1:E1-E4


Recently my friend Orangerful and I decided to separately watch and blog about Star Trek: The Next Generation (hereafter referred to as TNG). The show was a big part of her childhood, but since I’m a few years older, I had grown up with the original series (TOS), longing for its return. That happened in 1987 with the announcement of TNG.

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)


Actors are actors. They usually aren’t people we know and probably aren’t even people we’ve met. If we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we probably don’t know very much about the actors we admire, certainly not first-hand. Yet when they’re gone, we feel as if we knew them and it hurts just the same. I felt that way when Jimmy Stewart died in 1997 and I feel it today upon the passing of Leonard Nimoy.

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