The Beckie/Karen Project 2018: Romantic Comedies


Last month I mentioned a new movie-watching project with two of my co-workers, Beckie and Karen. We have successfully navigated the first phase of the project, each choosing a romantic comedy for the others to watch and discuss. The three of us allowed for some leniency in our definitions of what constitutes a “romantic comedy,” which will soon become evident.

Each of us chose at least three titles in this category for the others to choose from. If either of them had seen any of the titles, that film was out. We wanted these to be “new to you” films. My list of romantic comedies included Bringing Up Baby (1938), The Lady Eve (1941), The Apartment (1960), and The Sure Thing (1985). The only film that both Beckie and Karen hadn’t seen was The Apartment, so that was my contribution to this phase of the project. Karen’s pick: Ever After (1998), Beckie’s: I Love You, Man (2009).

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A Time of Fear and Trembling: A Movie Project with Friends/Co-Workers

I don’t know about you, but I often finish watching a movie that’s had a huge impact on my life (or one I’ve simply enjoyed) and ache to show it to someone else, hoping it will mean something to them also. Two years ago, Beckie, one of my co-workers, approached me about a movie project in which we each recommend a favorite film to the other person, watch it, and talk about it afterward. I also blogged about it, calling it The Beckie Project. (You can check out Part I to see what it was all about.)

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