Best Movies of 2015: Best Blu-ray Releases

Two things: Despite what my wife says, I don’t buy that many new releases and when I do, they’re usually older films getting a new release, a Blu-ray upgrade, etc. Also, since they’re pretty much the gold standard of Blu-ray releases, you’ll see lots of Criterion Collection discs here.

I won’t go into any detail on any of these releases, partly because I haven’t seen every supplement on every release. If you’d like to read more – especially about the supplements on each disc – please click the links, most of which go to

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Film Noir Releases in August 2015

Things were so crazy the last few weeks before vacation that I neglected to report any film noir Blu-ray/DVD releases for July, but August is looking pretty sweet, thanks largely to Kino Lorber, who’s releasing four noir titles next month. Here’s the full rundown of everything that’s coming out. If you know of any releases that I’ve missed, please leave a comment.

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