Graphic Novels Read in Early 2016 Part I

Although it may seem like it, I haven’t forgotten my comics and graphic novels in 2016, I’ve just forgotten to post them. Today I thought I’d get started on posting the books I’ve read since the New Year started… nearly two-and-a-half months ago!

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Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco


When I knew I was going to visit San Francisco, one of the first things I did was map out all the locations where Alfred Hitchcock shot Vertigo (1958). Those places are scattered throughout (and beyond) the city, so while I knew I’d never be able to see them all, I at least wanted to hit one or two of them. My wife surprised me by sending me the link to a site she found that advertised a walking tour called Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco.

At each stop, I’ll try to show the relevant shot from the film (whenever possible), followed by how the same location looks now.

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Scalped, Volume 1: Indian Country (2007) Aaron, Guéra


Scalped, Volume 1: Indian Country (2007) Jason Aaron, R.M. Guéra
Vertigo Comics
Mature Readers
Trade paperback, 126 pages
ISBN 9781401213176

A couple of years ago I walked into my local comic shop and asked the owner for a gift idea for a friend. “Her favorite TV shows are Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men,” I told him. He handed me the first volume of Scalped and said, “I think she’ll like this. It’s got the disenfranchisement of an American subculture like Sons of Anarchy combined with the deception and deceit of Mad Men.”

He was absolutely right. And my friend loved it.

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