The Elephant Man (1980) David Lynch

The Elephant Man (1980) David Lynch
Paramount Pictures
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The David Lynch Project Project Part II


The Elephant Man no doubt holds fond and not-so-fond memories for David Lynch. It was his second feature film and his first to be backed by a large studio (Paramount). It was nominated for eight Oscars, yet won none of them. Had there been an Oscar category at the time for make-up, Christopher Tucker’s work on The Elephant Man would certainly have won it, yet the oversight was so great that the category was added to the list of Oscars the next year. (That first award went to Rick Baker for An American Werewolf in London.)

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Better Than I Expected

Sometimes your expectations just aren’t very high when you sit down to watch a movie. You know they can’t all be good, so you expect to take a few on the chin from time to time. And sometimes you’re just surfing through your various streaming options, thinking, “What the hey, I’ll try this…”

So here are seven films I saw in 2014 from various years that I initially didn’t think I’d like very much, yet was pleasantly surprised:

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Blue Ruin (2013) Jeremy Saulnier


Blue Ruin (2013) Jeremy Saulnier
Anchor Bay
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Blue Ruin is the leanest movie I’ve seen in years. Jeremy Saulnier – in his directorial debut – has delivered an impressive revenge story that contains no digressions, no sidetracks, and practically no subplots. It’s all extremely focused and never lets up until the very last image and even then, its impact continues to work on you.

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