The Horror! The Horror! My Reluctance to Embrace Horror and How Scream Factory and Pure Cinema Podcast May Change My Movie-Watching Life While Sucking My Bank Account Dry

(How’s that for a title, huh?)


I have a very unusual relationship with horror movies. I own very few of them and most of the ones I do own are from Hollywood’s “classic” era, including several of the Universal monster films and later more “psychological” horror films such as The Innocents (1961) and The Haunting (1963), films that suggest more than they show. Most of the horror in those films comes from implications and a sense of dread rather than actual physical danger and mayhem. These are the elements that – at least to me – offer the best justifications for rewatchability. Yet after listening to the latest Pure Cinema Podcast, I might be picking up more horror.


In their most recent show, Episode 6: Scream Factory, I came away with at least 16 titles I absolutely must check out:

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CORRECTED UPDATE: Rarefilmm Returns!


My apologies to Jon over at Rarefilmm. Some time ago, I posted that Rarefilmm had returned as RareFilm, which is incorrect. is a completely different site that is not affiliated with Rarefilmm and is not managed by Jon. My apologies to Jon and anyone else who was confused by my post.

If you haven’t visited Rarefilmm, please do! Jon has a welcome message that brings readers up-to-date on what’s been happening with the site, a showcase for over 200 films. I see several titles I plan on watching soon, including many film noir titles I’ve been seeking out for years. Enjoy!