The Best of 2017: The 1990s

The Best of 2017The 1990s

Oddly enough, 1990s movies are a huge blindspot for me. I was very career-focused during that decade earning two graduate degrees and changing jobs four times. I also moved four times and got married. Since I didn’t see very many movies at that time, just about everything from the 90s is new to me. The following is a short list and some of the films will reappear on at least one other list. So here’s my brief look at the best films I saw from the 90s:

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The Best of 2017: The 1950s

The Best of 2017 - The 1950s

As was the case with my films from the 1940s, many great film noir movies came out in the 1950s, but you’ll find few of them here. Most of those will have to wait until my Best of Film Noir post sometime in the near future. Yet you’ll find a little bit of everything in this list from the 50s: comedy, science fiction, horror, Westerns, war, drama, and more. Again, these are movies I watched in 2017 for the very first time. I hope you’ll find something to investigate here:

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The Best of 2017: The 1940s

The Best of 2017The 1940s

(As with all of my lists – other than the Rewatch list – these are all films I saw in 2017 for the first time.)

This has definitely the hardest list to compile so far. The 1940s is my favorite cinematic decade largely due to the fact that so many film noir titles came from this era. Yet for this list I’ve tried to avoid most of the noir movies (although you might find a few, depending on your definition of film noir). I’ve also eliminated many British films, saving most of those for a separate category later. Eliminating those two categories takes a big chunk out of what I watched in the 40s, so don’t be surprised if you find a few British films and a few noir titles.

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The Best of 2017: The 1930s

The Best of 2017The 1930s

Like the silent films in yesterday’s post, movies from the 1930s remain something of a blindspot for me. As you’ll notice from this list, most of these films are horror-based. (Those that are more noir-stained will be included in my film noir list.) I hope to see more 1930s films in 2018 and not just horror. But for 2017, these were the best films I saw from the 30s, all for the first time.

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