Directed by Michael Curtiz – at the AFI Silver


This past weekend, the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Maryland launched a series called Directed by Michael Curtiz, running March 17-25. Alan K. Rode, author of Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film, was on hand to introduce The Breaking Point, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Wolf, and to participate in a panel discussion with Meredith Hindley (Destination Casablanca) and Noah Isenberg (We’ll Always Have Casablanca) on Casablanca. I was able to attend yesterday’s screening of The Sea Wolf, a film I saw and reviewed back in January.

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Chance, Season One (TV 2016)


Chance, Season One (TV 2016) created by Alexandra Cunningham and Kem Nunn

The TV series Chance was recently cancelled by Hulu after two seasons and having only seen the first, I think I know why. The cancellation probably had little to do with the show’s quality, but rather with its being misunderstood. Chance is totally noir, completely disturbing and dark, dark, dark. Yet many of what we’ve come to accept as typical noir trappings – shadows, chiaroscuro lighting, rain-soaked streets, darkened alleys – have become so caricatured we often find it difficult to identify noir by any other touchstones. Chance is noir of the soul, a deep examination of desires and motives, actions and consequences, risks and death. Total noir.

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Film Noir Releases in April 2018

Film NoirNew Releases on Blu-ray and DVD

If you’re new to my monthly Film Noir Releases posts, welcome! My goal is to cover all the first-time releases to Blu-ray and DVD, usually passing over reissues unless there’s a good reason to include them. (I also tend to leave out more recent films from the last several years.) Unless otherwise noted, the following are all North American Region A Blu-ray discs. I often use the terms “film noir” and “neo-noir” rather loosely, so while you may quibble with some of my choices, I hope these are films you’ll at least consider. As always, if you know of any film noir or neo-noir films I’ve left out, please let me know in the comments below. And thanks for reading.

I hope you picked up enough film noir titles from last month to tide you over the very lean month of April. A big thanks goes to ClassicFlix and a couple of Region B releases, otherwise you’d be looking at a blank page right now. I’m sure more April releases are forthcoming and when they’re announced, I’ll be sure to update this post. In the meantime, here’s what April has to offer:

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The New Issue of The Dark Pages


Once again I’m honored to be one of the contributors to the most recent issue of The Dark Pages: The Newsletter for Film Noir Lovers, edited by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. In the January/February issue I’m honored to have two contributions: “What’s New in Noir?”, a new column that looks at recent film noir releases on Blu-ray and DVD, and “Maigret on Disc,” a review of two Inspector Maigret movies starring Jean Gabin on Blu-ray and DVD from Kino Lorber.

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