Film Noir Releases in September 2017

September is neither the most exciting nor the most densely packed month for film noir and neo noir releases, but I present to you several worth considering, especially if you own an all-region Blu-ray player. As always, unless otherwise noted, the following are Region A (U.S. and Canada) Blu-rays. Here we go:

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Film Noir Releases in August 2017 (UPDATED)

(Please see the end of this post for an August UPDATE)

We’re not seeing as much film noir from the “classic” era (roughly 1941-1958) being released on Blu-ray and DVD these days, at least not as much as I’d like, but rest assured there are more classic noir titles in the pipeline. Still, you’ll find plenty of good stuff this month including several neo-noir and “noir-stained” titles (although some of those connections might be a bit tenuous). You’ll also notice a few previously announced releases that were delayed for various reasons. As always, the following discs are in the Blu-ray format for U.S./Canada Region A players unless otherwise indicated.

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Film Noir Releases in June 2017 – Addendum: Jawbone (2017) Thomas Napper

A couple of days ago I posted my Film Noir Releases in June 2017 article, which I hesitated in posting, since I always find out about new titles shortly after hitting the “Publish” button. Such is the noir world, right?


This morning I discovered a British boxing/noir film called Jawbone (2017) announced for a Blu-ray release on June 5 in the UK. Right now it’s a UK only release, but what’s interesting is the fact that the film will be released theatrically in the UK on May 12. A mere 24 days seems a lightning-fast turnaround from theater to disc… Maybe my friends in the UK can shed some light on that.

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Film Noir Releases in June 2017

There’s quite a bit in store for noir and neo-noir fans in June with several new releases (and at least one reissue), several of them from across the pond, so if you don’t have a region-free Blu-ray player, now’s a great time to pick one up.

Disclaimer: unless otherwise indicated, all releases are Blu-rays (just one DVD exception this month). Region B discs from France or the UK are identified as such. I’ve stopped listing releases of French films that do not have English subtitles. Unless otherwise noted, the images are those displayed under each title’s entry at

So let’s see what June has to offer…

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